Team Work

Polaris Private Academy Keen to attract highly qualified staff to fill positions and assume specific tasks in the administrative board and education which will reflect positively on the educational progress and success in school and has managed the school since the beginning of its establishment to form a strong and successful team and effectively at all level, the 4 levels where the administrative head of the school includes sections:

  1. Administrative Board
  2. It consists of the principal of the school and department heads and secretaries and Personnel and Accounting and Student Affairs

  3. Academic development and vocational training team
  4. It includes qualified members and high efficiency team are attracting them to follow up the academic process at school and support and development by providing support and guidance and vocational training necessary for teachers to improve their performance levels.

  5. Education faculty
  6. It includes all teachers and teachers of all disciplines, as well as laboratory and library trustees.

  7. Support staff
  8. Staff specialists and psychologists in the school and technical support team and members of the security team and safety.