How to Register

School management and staff welcome you dear children, and thank you for your trust in us and that Tdfnalbzl more effort to the success of the educational process at school, God willing.

    Please consider the following things when recording: -
  1. Be a priority for students unrestricted yen school and their brothers in the registry also has the right to manage the school to refrain from re-register any student of the year for the reasons mentioned in the fourth item.
  2. Pay registration fees (500 dirhams) deducted from the school fees for next year does not appear in the case of withdrawal from the school and in the case of non-payment it is the student is not registered and is entitled to the alternative school record.
  3. The presence of the pupil / student with a guardian at registration (new student).
  4. The school administration a test to determine the level of the new students
  5. After recording the student for the academic year of this administration is entitled to apologize for accepting the school if it goes against a list of educational behavior. As committed guardian to notify the administration (social specialist) if a student is suffering from a psychological or medical condition)
  6. Department may not accept a student in one of the following cases: -
    • If his presence without uniforms or books without portfolio repeated.
    • If you repeat it a stranger or violence or aggression on the behavior of his colleagues and their tools until the presence of a guardian to help solve the problem.
    • Case of repeated bring a mobile phone to school so is strictly prohibited and confiscated nor shall only be provided by the end of the school year.
    • The case of damage or sabotage of any of the school property and school furniture with a retention of material and moral compensation.
  7. The agreed school fees mentioned in the table below are for the current school year - and is considered the guardian binding reimbursed for the management of the school
  8. If no guardian obligation to pay the school fees are all scheduled or some after reminding him that he is entitled to the management to take all the measures provided for in the list of special education.
  9. We welcome constructive comments and proposals in the framework of respect, understanding and cooperation with the administration to make any suggestions please visit the suggestions and revisions from here

    It is to provide paperwork to the Department of Polaris Haan students in private schools as you can online register here