Academic Education Policy

Polaris own - School tips Academy

There are several ways in which to participate with us in spreading education and scientific research, and for information, the greater the commitment and effort increased Competence!

Polaris Private School in Abu Dhabi, we consider that the school is a dynamic production team in which administrators, teachers and students contribute to both, and all the knowledge and ideas are the product of this team. Since students are the direct beneficiaries of this production, they are interested more than others for its quality and effectiveness.

The educational system

Every person belonging to Polaris Private Academy has the function performed by the responsibility entrusted to administrative Body is, students and faculty to revise their work and self-criticism, enough to access error detection and correction. It's teamwork that allows each member of this team achieve the goals may seem elusive usually tried to work on them alone.

Polaris private school offers quality education for students of different races, nationalities and backgrounds. We are confident in our ability to promote greater values ​​to enable our students to perform better in their power and access to the finest universities and success in their careers. The development of school student academic qualifications and interactive learning techniques and skills and personality, and planted them high moral values ​​and behavioral patterns. Multicultural character school contributes to the development of the student's ability to better understand the cultures of the world around him.

Planned school

The planned school-based in Polaris private school is specially designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need in order to develop a solid academic foundation helps them to show their potential and realize their potential and develop their passion in life-long learning.

The learning process in the classroom

All lessons are structured, and at all levels, very clearly to enable students and teachers to know exactly what needs to be learned. Teachers explain the whole concept of the unit (education by educational points) this system is followed in every lesson in parallel with classroom work, individual work and group work to overcome this problem of "mental diaspora" suffered by the students usually.

Periodic tests for students conducted by exams already prepared teachers are not allowed to look at it before distribution, each individual in the school and his job, and based on that, the students spent their time in the classroom learning and after-school they have the needed time for rest and recreation.

Follow-up students

It offers tips to students for negligence in their work and are encouraged and help them and train them on the lesson and studying even exceed their palaces. As long as the students are able to successfully manage their time, this is a good sign. Otherwise, intervention and assistance necessary in this case.

Learning process

All courses in the Polaris Private School has been restructured, so that gives the academic monitoring system (a method programmer to discover gaps in knowledge) the governing body follow-up and monitor the progress of each individual closely. Once visibility is selected knowledge gap and therefore, efforts are focused on the treatment and filled. Thus it has been saving time and establish a coherent structural knowledge free of any barriers preventing the accumulation of information and concepts in the mind of the student