The student in the school registration process tacit approval of the director to act as guardian, and bear the consequences of this role at times when the student is under school auspices, including the times of the student from the school transition and to in the case of the use of means of transport provided by moving the school among the activities that organized by the school.

School environment

Borne by the school management and the workers shared responsibility to provide a safe, healthy and risk-free all over the school, school environment, taking into account aspects of public health, and the provision of care to all students, and the school has done:

  1. adhere to the policies and actions and instructions issued by the Abu Dhabi Education Council in respect of school buildings and facilities and its affiliates.
  2. obtain the necessary licenses and force of the Council and the Civil Defence Department and the Health Authority and the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and permits.
  3. equipped school distasteful regimes integrated and effective protection, including fixed and mobile phones.
  4. Provide a clinic dedicated normal and emergency medical services inside buildings equipped with qualified staff and licensors.

Staff at the school

The school will strive to attract workers, employees, teachers, talented and able to take responsibility for the upbringing of a distinct generation of students, and therefore keen school when hiring employees to be aware of the policy of child protection and handed over a copy of the application on the ground and committed to the school in recruiting staff following:

  1. obtaining the approval of ADEC before starting work at school
  2. Provide the employee the proper functioning of a certificate certified and the behavior of the competent authorities
  3. obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Labour
  4. keep a complete record of all employees and workers illustrates the previous experiences and their resumes and inspection records
  5. full commitment to the separation of services to help workers and cleaners
  6. Appointment of three specialists, school social workers to monitor the overall behavior of the students and resolve their problems

official wear

Uniforms for all the links in the Polaris own students of the Academy, a private school uniforms have adopted per episode featuring specifications suitable for all ages, which commensurate with the UAE community and the school to hand over school uniforms at the beginning of the year and deduct the price of the tuition fees.

Protection inside the school campus

Protection vary within the school campus is not limited to one type, and the school is keen to provide and manage the highest means of protection and care for students.

The school is responsible for students every day from 7:00 am until the end of the school day 2:00 pm and is waiting students under the supervision of teachers until 15:00 pm and bears responsibility Guardian

Strictly prohibited any physical or moral punishment of students, and the perpetrator is subject to the state Penal Code and the provisions of this resolution.

It also prohibits corporal punishment, the school prevent psychological and moral punishment for students in all its forms and types, and not to harm the students in all its forms.


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The importance of family involvement in the educational process

To improve the performance of the children in several studies and educational research confirms the existence of a positive relationship between parental involvement and student achievement levels and behavior and attitudes The involvement of parents is working to increase support for the educational community of the educational process, where parents seek for satisfaction and content to fully support and the support of the education reform and development plans and by providing moral and material support whenever possible.


Polaris Private Academy is taking measures to reduce absenteeism, including: It is not supposed to be the parents snapped students on trips abroad during the days of school during the school year, and must be done especially for such purposes arrangements but the medical conditions or other emergencies must school offers every possible assistance to alleviate the concerns of parents.

May not be re-student / student for the next academic year recorded in the case of repeated absences continuously before the school holidays.

Parents should communicate with the school nurse to inform the school about any serious reasons for the absence of or delays, then is expected to make a breeder grade inform the rest of the teachers and prepare arrangements for school duties.You must complete departure permit must circulate a copy thereof on the student's school to inform them of obtaining a permit to leave.